Lucretia Ellen McGuff-Silverman is a former public school art teacher and working artist.  She received her MFA from American University in 1983 and her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from St Mary’s of Maryland in 1976.  She grew up in Texas, lived in Maryland, and moved to Roosevelt, New Jersey in 1990.  Her work has been exhibited in regional galleries, one person and juried shows as well is in Reggio Gallery in New York City. In 1997 she received the “Renee Berzkier McNelly Memorial Award for Representational Oil Paintings”. Her work is in both public and private collections. 

She paints in a variety of media and sizes.  Reggio Gallery described her work in their catalogue for their four person show “Empathy, Vision, Memory” in this way: “Lucretia works primarily from memory and photographs and although she often completely changes or heightens colors in her renderings, preserving original color relationships is a major aesthetic concern.  These post-impressionistic settings are easy and relaxed, steeped in a mood of escape, of vacation.”